There is not a single moment of our day or aspect of our existence that is not influenced by colour. From science (the electromagnetic spectrum, quantum mechanics and light absorption, light scattering, how humans see colour and how vision evolved and colour blindness) to nature (the sky, rainbows, minerals and gems, animal pigmentation and how animals use colour to find food and mates or to protect themselves) to culture (colour as a signifier, colour and navigation, religion and ritual, design and personal identity). The Secret Language of Color is the most thorough investigation into the role of colour in every aspect of life on our planet. Organized by chapters including The Physics and Chemistry of Color; The Universe; Flora; Animals; Humans; and Culture, which are interspersed with additional chapters that that focus on each hue in the spectrum individually including Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Violet. The design is both beautiful and informative and includes dozens of visual exercises that clearly demonstrate some amazing principals of the science of colour.