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Master Yoga Now!

This book brings you the best of my two Yoga books rolled 2-for-1 Duo Series and includes over 50+ Beginner and Advanced photos of poses that you can learn immediately.

This series explains everything you need to know to get started with Yoga.

Book I. “Yoga Today for Beginner’s” explains the background of Yoga, defines the health benefits you will instantly begin to realize and gives you dozens of Yoga poses that anyone can begin doing immediately. Book II. “Advanced Yoga for Weight Loss” explains more advanced positions and those positions that will optimize Fat Loss for those who are interested in losing weight with Yoga. Part II also gives you an understating of the proper nutrition and dieting habits to accompany your new Yoga routine.

I have included the following descriptions for the 2-for-1 Duo Series you will receive with Master Yoga Now! below:

Book I. Yoga Today for Beginners!

All the yogis that you see online and on television that can stretch themselves into shapes and positions you’ve never dreamed of doing are able to do that because they started just where you are right now. They were beginners! And if they can start where you are and end where they are within a few years, then you can do it, too!

Yoga can be an exercise routine that you begin in order to help jumpstart weight loss, stress relief, self-awareness or it can be a lifestyle that you choose to dive into deeper once you’ve explored the benefits from the easy beginner exercises in this book (I’m giving advanced positions to you FREE as a bonus!)

Yoga Now! offers all of the Yoga essentials including:

•Many different styles of Yoga to find what’s right for you
•A plethora of Yoga related benefits
•A Yoga routine that you can perform in less than 20 minutes.
•Over 20 beginner moves that you can try TODAY
•A bonus section with some advanced moves to get you motivated and to keep you moving forward once you’ve mastered the beginner moves.
•And much more!

Book II. Advanced Yoga for Weight Loss

Are you tired of trying to lose weight with vigorous workout routines you can’t seem to stick with? Would you like to know a better way to workout you can easily add into your normal routine?

Then take a look at this book to figure out how you can use yoga for weight loss! While the simple stretching and beginner postures won’t burn a ton of calories, doing sun salutations and adding a bit of cardio into your yoga routine will shed those pounds quickly! Some have even reported losing five pounds in a week just adding yoga to their morning or evening ritual.

In this book, you’ll learn:

•The principles of losing weight with yoga.
•Whether or not losing weight with yoga is for you.
•When the best time to practice yoga is for you.
•Where you should practice yoga in order to lose weight.
•What foods you should be eating and avoiding in order to boost your weight loss journey.
•10 yoga poses that will help you lose weight in your first week.
•Yoga gear you’re going to need in order to maximize your routine.
•A seven-day example of a yoga weight loss routine to get you started.
•And a bonus at the end of the book that tells you all-natural supplements that will help you lose weight quicker!