Dave Silver never had a problem admitting he was gay. As a life skills teacher with a passion for knitting and cleaning, it was no surprise. His students were not oblivious to it and luckily, none of them cared. They liked Mr. Silver for who he was and what he did. But they weren’t the only ones who loved Mr. Silver. Owen Taffe, an ex-college football star is well known for his work in nutrition, helping people create healthy meals on the cheap. Throughout his life, he had dated girls, and he had even come close to proposing to one, but in the end, it never worked out. It was only when he met Dave that he realized maybe he was playing the game wrong the entire time. What he took for brotherly love, might have been a serious attraction to men. Still, it didn’t make any sense… he couldn’t possibly be bisexual. Could he? In the end, Owen will have no control. In the end, his heart would decide who he would love for the rest of his life.

This book includes gay bonus stories by various authors