Self-medicating to deal with his mental health issues from war, former French foreign legion soldier and SAS operator John-Paul Jordan spent several years in a drug-induced hell. His full-blown addiction ruined his career, broke up his home and his marriage and nearly cost him his life.

In How to Stop Taking Drugs in 30 Days, John-Paul Jordan shares his first-hand approach on the sharp, direct path to successfully stop taking drugs for good. After several years of living in it; being told by medical professionals that he was immune to treatment; and trying countless times to stop, his experiences have been masterly put together to deliver the knock-out blow to penetrate the mind’s resistance and help you take back control.

How to Stop Taking Drugs in 30 Days removes the excuses and tells it like it is. No ifs, no buts. Saving you precious time, your career, your money, perhaps even your life.

Why wait to lose it all before you can accept you can’t control your addiction, it controls you? Start your new beginning; A Simple and Daring Plan.